Post a song, win a prize! =D

2009-09-06 12:55:25 by JabberWocky

Post a wrestling song(i.e. a wrestler's entrance music)and win a prize! I don't know what the prize is, or if you'll even receive it, but you'll win a prize!


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2009-09-06 13:45:05

Wrestling sucks now.

JabberWocky responds:

Can you tell me why it didn't suck before?


2009-09-06 13:49:47

The old days it wasnt fake.
NOW it is.

JabberWocky responds:

It actually WAS fake, but back then it was more wrestling, less acting. Now it's vice-versa.


2009-09-06 13:58:54


JabberWocky responds:

I was on the BBS.


2009-09-06 13:45:25

Get up - 50 cent

JabberWocky responds:

WRESTLING song. As far as I know, that isn't a wrestling song.


2009-09-06 17:01:31

Sorry about the rey misterio review. i was pissed at the time.

JabberWocky responds:

I forgive you.
Now, constructive criticism?


2009-09-07 00:00:48

King of Kings by Motörhead (Triple-H theme song)
The Game by Motörhead (the better-known Triple-H theme song)
You Can't See Me by John Cena (was John Cena's theme song when I watched it)
And there was one about a chemical or something, I think Finger Eleven did it, that was Kane's theme back when I watched WWE.

JabberWocky responds:

Impressive little...okay.
*sends prize*


2009-09-10 19:49:02

Wrestling stopped being watchable after Captain Lou Albano died.

JabberWocky responds:

Sorry for sounding like a noob but...Captain lou Alba...who the heck is he?